13 Short Weave Hairstyles Currently Trending Right Now

Short Weave Hairstyles

Turn up the fashion with sassy short weave hairstyles. With limitless options available in terms of length, thickness, texture and style, you will be overwhelmed with lots of different choice. Create your own unique variations using edgy cuts and exquisite colors. Herein are superb examples to get you started.

Short Weave Hairstyles for Ladies

1 Chocolate Bowl Cut

Skull cap hairstyle

Giving this bowl cut a smooth, glossy finish is a great way to show off its straight texture and stunning chocolate hue. Keep the trims smooth and regular for a crisper, more formal finish. A low fringe is a sexy addition to the generally conservative hairstyle.

2 Grey Ombre Short Weave Hairstyles

Grey Ombre Short Weave Hairstyles

This stormy pixie cut uses the ombre dyeing technique to add some radiant inflections of platinum, which blends splendidly with the ebony color of the weave. Tousling the thick locks on top also serves to give the hairstyle more natural texture while retaining the sassy appeal of the short weave.

3 Multicolored Pixie Cut

Short Weave Hairstyles It takes a lot of guts to rock such a stylishly outlandish short weave hairstyle such as this. The short weave features a bold center piece that comprises of purple-tints and green locks atop the faded grey locks. The multi-colored tint is also seen towards the front where the low hanging fringe is accented by green streaks of color.

4 Smooth Ebony Bowl Cut

Skull Cap

Smooth, straight haired textures and a glamorous glossy finish makes this one of the simplest yet most elegant short weave hairstyles you can rock. Paired with a smooth cut and a fringe that hangs just above the eyebrows, this glossy bowl cut exudes class and sophistication.

5 Pin-Curled Pixie Cut

Pixie cut weave hairstyleIf you haven’t experienced the glamorous appeal of pin curls, you are certainly missing out. These are the equivalent of sculpted waves for short hair which create stylishly wavy texture to make your pixie cut more interesting. Ribbons of copper enhance the radiance of the hairstyle which is optional.

6 Curly Pixie with Wiggly Accents

Copper curly pixie cutA fresh approach to styling your pixie cut hairdo involves focusing the styling on the sides instead of the top. Copper accents help to define the curls but it is the wiggly patterns created on the flattened sides that make the hairdo stunning.

7 Simple Layered Short Weave Hairstyles

Short Weave HairstylesWhile going for natural textures, keep the short weave bob layered to create more depth and give the body of the hair volume and dimension. A conservative cut at the temple enhances the appeal of the look while a choppy cut results in a sassy finish.

8 Glossy Curls: Short Weave Hairstyles

Short Weave HairstylesWith the right length, you can fashion any short weave hairstyle into stunningly beautiful curls and give them a glossy finish to make the look stand out even more. The fairly conservative hairstyle features soft and smooth edges which help to retain the effeminate appeal of the look, despite the shortness of the hair.

9 Layered Two-toned Bowl Cut

Short Weave Hairstyles

For a glamorous look, you can layer two differently toned pieces to create a wonderful color combination. This look features an asymmetrical blonde fringe which looks stylish on its own. However, the dark undertones on the blonde hairstyles help to create a deeper look in addition to adding more dimensions. The differently colored hair pieces are separated by a distinct side part.

10 Sassy Bowl Cut: Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

Short Weave HairstylesLots of messy curls and a textured finish create a stunning look for this short, ebony weave hairstyle with brown highlights. When going for texture, matte styling products can help as they remove the smooth, glossy sheen and make the locks look naturally textured. The messy curls also give the hair amazing volume.

11 Classic Short Weave Bowl Hairstyles

Short Weave HairstylesWith the right kind of skill, you can replicate a natural-looking bowl cut without leaving any hair out. It is important that the closure is properly hidden to retain the natural appearance of the hair and to prevent the hair from falling apart too soon. The fringe is swept to one side and stylishly curled upwards while the hair is given a smooth, glossy finish.

12 Auburn Pixie with Buzzed Sides

Short Weave Hairstyles

This sassy and outlandish pixie cut might require you to lose some hair in order to achieve the crisp contrasts created by the buzzed sides and the radiant auburn locks. The textural and color contrasts created by the two portions of hair are superb and are what make the look so unique.

13 Thick Wavy Lob

Short Weave Hairstyles

Rocking this glamorous look is as easy as it seems. The stunning ebony weave carries a good amount of volume and superb, angelic textures to frame the oval face wonderfully. A low, diagonal fringe adds to the stylishly effeminate appeal of the hairdo.

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