14 Short Hairstyles For Black Women of Class

short curly hairstyles for black women
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Some people believe that you can only look attractive and sexy if you have long hair, but that is not always the case. Short hairstyles make black women look more gorgeous, bold and daring. They are also exemplary for those women who are always busy as they require little maintenance. Most of them are easy to style, manage and even switch colors. Here is a selection of the cutest short hairstyles for black woman

1. Short Afro curls

Short Afro KinksYou can keep your natural kinks short and give them the accent you want. Grow them out and get the assistance of a professional stylist to provide them with a surreal look.

2. Short edgy haircuts for black women

Edgy HaircutIf you want an overly bold hairstyle, then you can go for the edgy hairdo. The stylist spikes up the top layer of your hair to give it a trendy flair. To make the hair look elegant, the stylist will need to add a few curls at the top and use high-quality styling products.

3. Pin Curls on a Pixie

Pin Curly Pixie CutTo break the monotony of the common pixie cut, you can consider going for the pin curls. All you need to style it is some bobby pins and to wet your hair. The best part is that this hairstyle does not require heat styling.

4. Bobby Brown: Short hairstyles for black women

Bobby Brown hairstyleThis hairdo involves placing highlights strategically and is ideal for any hair texture and ladies with oval faces. To get a Bobby Brown hair style, it takes sectioning off your hair on the preferred side, flat ironing bone straight and adding shine to polish it up.

5. Inverted Curls

Inverted Curls for black womenYou only need to focus on the crown and ensure that you use hairspray for ultimate hold with this hairstyle. To style it, make a side part, use half an inch curling iron to crisp both sides towards the side part and use sheen for the final touches.

6. Short Mohawk haircut

short mohawk for black womenA Short Mohawk is a modern style that can give you various unique looks for different occasions. If you brush your hair backward, you will get a professional look. By combing forward, you acquire an edgy look.

7. Side Swept Spiral short hairstyles for black women

Side Swept SpiralsTo get the Side Swept Spirals, you need to style your short and natural curls in an asymmetrical shape with the side that you are comfortable with. In case you don’t have curls, you can use spiral rollers to give your hair some kinks.

8. Classy Bob hairstyles for black women

Classy BobWith this hairstyle, your soft wave curls lie gently over your eye lashes to give you a fresh and classic look. Styling it involves parting the hair as desired, flat ironing it, bending its bottom towards the centre and using serum to make it soft and shiny.

9. Short Curls on black hair

Short curls hairstyle for black womenYou can get a professional and urban look by just trimming your unruly curls. A stylist can cut them short on the sides and bottom so that the volume builds up at the top of your head.

10. Bouncy Curls hairstyles for black women

Bouncy CurlsBouncy curls are easy to pull off because you only need to get the right layers with a little more focus on the top. It involves building volume upwards using rollers and you can do it on your own or get a stylist to do it.

11. Bob and Wispy Ends haircut for black women

Bob and Wispy EndsThis type involves giving wispy ends to an asymmetrical bob hairdo. You will then need to keep the asymmetry and the wispy layers in shape with the help of a good styling product.

12. Peacock Priss Mohawk Style

Peacock PrissThis short hairstyle is long lasting and best suits those with round and oval faces. To style a Peacock Priss. This very unique style can go for a formal as well as an informal party look.

13. Geometrical haircut

Geometrical CutIf you want a hairstyle that will give you a soft and feminine look, then a Geometrical Cut will do. With a simple bob, this cut can offer you perfect angles and edges.

14. Blond beauty short hairstyle for black women

Blond BeautyThis is one of the easiest and low maintenance hairstyles. You first need to wet your hair with water, apply curl activator, leave it to air dry or use a hooded dryer and then use sheen for the final touches.

These are just some of the best short hairstyles for black women. To get the perfect look, you should consider getting a professional to do your hair.