Weave Hairstyles: 16 Quick Weave Hairstyles for Posh Women

Weave hairstyles for black women

From trendsetting divas to A-list celebrities, no one is too good for the glamorous appeal of the quick Weave hairstyles. Whether you rock it short, long, vibrant or low-key, nothing beats the allure of a stylish weave. You can get inspired from these amazing quick Weave hairstyles.

Amazing Quick Weave Hairstyles

1. Natural weave hairstyle

Natural hairstyle for black women

Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep it simple and low-key. Never mind the dramatic embellishments and colors, keep it subtle by wearing a simple weave with a fine texture and a superb cut to stylishly show off your features. A long, side-swept fringe is a sexy touch that can be enhanced if your hair features dark shades of brown as opposed to black.

2. Wavy weave hairdo

Weave updo for short hair

Keep your look flirty by opting for a weave with lots of natural texture. Going blonde is a nice touch but the best way to keep the look youthful is by accentuating the texture with simple curls. This sassy look is very easy to pull off.

3. Chic blue weave hairstyles

Side patterned banged Weave hairstyle

If you do decide to wear a colorful hair, play it a little safe by staying away from whacky bright yellow or greed weaves. Instead, try a calm and rich layered blue weave with uneven lengths and a stylishly blunt cut. If you are going for the funky look, shaving one side of the head Cassie-style will give your blue locks the emphasis they deserve.

4. Weave hairstyles with block colors

weave for black women

A short weave hairdo can look great with some infusion of color. For a bolder result, opt for two alternating but complementing block colors to give your weave character. Black goes really well with a lustrous copper hue, for instance. The Weave hairstyles looks even better thanks to the layers and natural texture.

5. Curly Pixie Weave hairstyles

Pixie haircut for black women

A short and curly weave enhances your feminine appeal greatly. To take off the androgynous edge, thick messy curls and longer sideburns make it more girly while keeping it sassy and unique. Keeping it voluminous is also a nice touch.

6. Short weave with neat fringe

front fringes for short hair

To keep your look stylishly short without being too boyish, let the fringe run a little lower than the rest of the hair. This neat quick weave hairdo embraces simplicity to create a look that can be formal just as much as it can be fun.

7. Weave with subtle accents

Weave Hairstyles for black women

Gradient hair is always a classy and welcome twist when it comes to hairstyles. If you are looking for something softer and less bold than block colors, muted violet and pink highlights will give your hair the same stylish finish. Tread lightly when it comes to colors because something too bright can spoil the look altogether.

8. Short weave with sassy fringe

cute short hairstyles for black womenSimple, easy to maintain and endlessly classy, this look is a favorite for most—and for good reason. Not only does it show off your features wonderfully, the sassy blunt cut of the fringe frames your eyes seductively. Give it a little height to show off the chopped layers.

9. Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical Bob hairstyleAngled looks are great even when it comes to weaves. If you are more into the neat bob look, try an inverted angled cut to give your bob some measure of style and uniqueness. Keeping the cut fairly regular pairs well with the fine texture of the hair and the conservative fringe.

10. Honey bob weave hairstyle

Honey Bob Weave hairstyle for black women

A slight alteration to the basic bob hairstyle can do wonders to enhance its appearance. Create a unique style by pairing a straight-haired bob with long curly tendrils of auburn to give it a strikingly radiant hue. Play a little with contrast by adding a crisp part alongside the wavy bangs.

11. Simple weave with side part

Short Hairstyles for black womenA simple weave is the best hairdo for a calm personality. Settle for a standard black weave with a fine texture and straight, layered bangs. If you must spice things up a little, a side part will work perfectly in giving your hair some definition. The length of the weave is entirely optional.

12. Fiery Red Weave hairstyles

Red Highlighted bob hairstyle

If it complements your skin tone, color is completely allowed when it comes to making your look unique. Give your basic shoulder-length weave the “wow” factor with a vibrant shade of wine and a sleek scanty front fringe for more definition.

13. Wavy accents

Wavy Accents bob hairstyleA quick weave hairdo you should try if you are looking for something youthful and unique is this wavy short weave with blonde accents. The top is longer and waves over the eyes in a stylish fringe that has subtle blonde highlights. The sides have been styled flat to accentuate the top.

14. Vibrant layered weave

Layered side bangsThis multi-colored look is a sassy fashion statement that exudes boldness and confidence. The shoulder-length weave is full of layers and textures that make it look more natural. Rich shades of blue and pink alongside the black color of the weave complement the skin tone.

15. Layered locks

Layered Locks for black womenFor a more natural look, a thick weave full of layers and loads of texture could work great in making your overall appearance bolder. Tousling up the locks can help you achieve that texture. Wearing the fringe lower than usual turns this basic look into a fashion statement.

16. Classy side swept weave

Sweep bob hairstyle

A great way to rock the short weave hairstyle is using a stylish side sweep to make it chic and sassy. A honey-brown hue goes with most skin tones so giving it a solid hue of the warm color will help to accentuate your facial features. Relaxing it is optional although leaving it slightly frizzy is great if you want to have some natural texture.

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