Mohawk Haircut: 15 Modern Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Mohawk hairstyles are quickly becoming a mainstream trend in men’s fashion and there are many more variations and styles flooding into men’s fashion. The versatile hairstyle exists in numerous different variations that allow people to express themselves in different ways. Herein are fairly common examples of the outlandish mohawk hairstyles for men.

15 Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

1. Blow Out Afro Mohawk

Men's Mohawk Hairstyle

Getting more volume at the top while keeping the sides sharply faded is and will always remain the best way to wear a stylish Mohawk hairdo. You can achieve the voluminous afro by using a blowout but leaving some slight curls. Sleek fades and sharp cuts should accentuate the look and give it some crisp definition.

2. Patterned Mohawk with Side Fade

Mohawk Haircut for Men

In a Mohawk hairdo, the faded sides always present themselves as the perfect canvas on which to infuse some art into the hairdo. In this example, bold star patterns have been used to make the look incredibly unique. The top can be left frizzy, tousled and with a bit of volume for that rugged appeal.

3. Side-Swept and Part

Mohawk Haircut for Men

Combining the contemporary Mohawk hairstyle with classic hairstyles such as the Gatsby results in a unique and very dapper crossover of the two. The top should carry a bit of volume in order to achieve the swept look and/or tousled curls.

4. Mohawk with Short Curls

Mohawk With Short Curls

A common look among Afro-American individuals is the short curly top and skin faded sides. Curling kits can be used to achieve the ringlets at the top and a slight taper fade can gradually reduce the volume towards the sides before fading into a sleek bald fade.

5. Crisp Fade Men’s Mohawk

Faded Mohawk Haircut for Men

A neat Mohawk involves a relatively flat top and crisp fades and cuts to give it a distinguished outline. You can spice things up a bit by giving the top some curly detail which will add greatly to the texture contrast between the top and the sides. The taper creates a stylish beard disconnect by fading out at the sideburns then fading back in as the well-groomed beard.

6. Highlighted Ringlets

Highlighted Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk hairdos are the only hairstyles that let you play around with rugged textures and combine them with sleek fades. This example features a rugged, voluminous top that has been spiced up by touching the ringlets with some blonde highlights. The taper fade is high and connects superbly with the groomed beard via a sleek sideburn trim.

7. Thick Curly Mohawk Haircut

Curly Mohawk Haircut

If you have the length and the hair type, softening up the Mohawk with some thick curls is a unique way to style your hair. Ideally, a rugged beard is required to make the look more masculine and to help frame the face.

8. Classic Temple Fade Mohawk

Temple Fade Mohawk

This look can easily pass off for formal given that it does not have any bold designs. Nevertheless, it is still a very neat look that features superb curls at the top and a smooth temple fade at the sides that outline the look.

9. Kinky Mohawk with Patterned Fade

Cool Mohawk Haircut

Rugged is always better when it comes to Mohawk hairdos for men. The sides should be the styling focal points and you can use various trims and patterns to create a look that is entirely unique. The top can be left kinky and spiky to bump up the contrasts of the look.

10. Curly Ringlets with Burst Fade

Faded Curly Mohawk

The variation of the taper fade is one of the most unique aspects of the Mohawk hairdo that makes it versatile. This look opts for a low-key taper that starts about two inches above the ear and uniformly goes around the head. The top is left in a mess of glossy ringlets.

11. Crisp Rocker Mohawk

Mohawk Haircut

A more traditional version of the Mohawk is the original rocker fade Mohawk. This look pairs a long top with crisp bald fades at the sides that produce a fantastic contrast. Spicing up the spiky top with some color allows you to inject your personality into the look.

12. Mohawk with Highlights

Highlighted Mohawk

Sprinkling a bit of bold color results in an audacious Mohawk hairdo. This look features crisp skin fades and a textured top with fiery red highlights spicing up the locks. Throwing a rugged beard into the mix gives the look some masculinity.

13. Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk Haircut

Go for a bit more volume by using blowout to make the top a bit bigger. The skin fades at the sides always look better when there is a thick, rugged beard to make things manlier. Keep the fade relatively simple to make your look more natural.

14. Swooped Ponytail Mohawk

Swooped Ponytail Mohawk

If you have the length, create a unique “man bun” look by fading the sides and keeping the length at the top. You can swoop the top over and maybe throw in a side part for more definition. A rugged beard will tone down the femininity of this androgynous look.

15. Purple Ringlets

Mens Mohawk Hairstyle

It goes without saying that when you opt for more vibrant highlights, you should have a rugged beard to enforce the masculinity of the look. This Mohawk design features a top full of thick bouncy curls and razor faded sides which are accentuated by the full, slightly groomed beard.

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