Mohawk Fade: 12 Faded Mohawk Haircuts and Hairstyles

Mohawk Fade

Whether you like them short, long or wild, Mohawk hairstyles are here to stay. Fading the sides provide a better styling option than opting for plain skin fades as it gives the look a much sleeker texture and a more stylish finish. Here are some superb mohawk fade haircuts you can try.

Mohawk Fade Haircuts

1. Topknot Mohawk with V-Shaped Fade

Mohawk Fade

This look combines a classy topknot that has been styled to perfection, finished with some bright golden accents. The fade part is where most of us incorporate the creativity and here we see a stylish v-shaped razor fade, emphasized by two distinguishing parts on both sides of the high top.

2. Natural Curly Mohawk Fade

Faded Mohawk

Make the most of your natural curls with this stylish version of the Mohawk. The sides feature a sleek temple fade, which is often the best choice for people who prefer softer versions of the Mohawk hairdo.

3. Soft Feathered Faux Hawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

Justin Bieber rocks a soft faux Mohawk hairdo that features slightly faded temples and a moderately long and feathery quiff. The height of the hair looks better with the golden highlights and the slightly tousled locks, although they are not absolutely necessary for the look.

4. Centered Curly Mohawk Fade

Fade Mohawk

While most modern variations of the Mohawk typically involve the removal of a bit of hair on the sides, you can go classic by retaining only the central section to give it a more outlandish appeal. Instead of leaving the sides shaved bare, giving them a taper fade will amp up the style dramatically.

5. Up-Sweep with High Taper Fade

Curly Mohawk Fade

Giving lots of volume to the hair at the top remains one of the best ways to stylishly rock a Mohawk hairdo. The thick, messy curls have been given an emphatic outline thanks to the crisp high fade that ends in a clear skin fade.

6. Cropped Mohawk Fade Haircut

Mohawk Fade

While a long top is attractive, a short Mohawk might look just as appealing given the right kind of fades and outlines. Here, the cropped hair at the top has been given a slightly spiky texture while a superb taper fade down the sides helps to give it a clearer outline.

7. Combover Mohawk Fade with Side Part

Mohawk Fade Haircut

This neat look features a well-styled combed-over top with a stylish side part that makes it look effortlessly classy. To maintain the neatness of the look, a crisp bald fade has been used at the sides to leave nothing but skin, making the haircut look more composed.

8. Pompadour Mohawk with Razor Fade

Mohawk Fade

A few inches on the top will do just fine when it comes to styling your hair into a Mohawk. This look also requires a bit of up-sweeping to create the timelessly classy pompadour finish. Pair it with a smooth taper fade to emphasize the length.

9. Slicked Back Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

If the top is too long, you can try styling it backward instead of clipping it short. It results in what is a modernized version of the classy backswept haircuts for men. A nice taper fade does a great job in highlighting the sleek contrasts and also framing the look.

10. Blue-Crested Faux Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

For the audacious among us, here is a look that will help you express your boldness while also allowing you to show off some stylish colors. The long spiky crest on this Mohawk hairdo has been spiced up dramatically using a cool shade of radiant aqua blue accents. Surrounding the colorful top is a regular razor fade, which is usually a better option for those who do not want the look to be too outlandish.

11. Low Taper Fade Haircut

Mohawk Fade

One of the laid back versions of the Mohawk hairdo involves minimal tapering at the sides. The idea is to shave off just the right amount of hair to make the sides shorter and the top bolder. The taper fade goes all the way around the head and outlines the hair with a smooth razor fade texture that is better than skin fades for some.

12. Fancy Pattern Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

If you consider yourself artful, you can spice up your Mohawk by throwing in a few geometric patterns into the mix. The top has been left extra short and spiky with the gradually increasing length focused at the center of the head. A razor fade sets the right canvas to create the patterns you want. Here, we see two lines that have been used to create a stylish two-level fade.

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